Get started | Youth (5-12)

Youth parkour trial class (ages 5-12)

Schedule your parkour trial class (takes < 60 sec) and come see why we are one of the world’s leading parkour schools since 2006. Friends and family of all ages are welcome to join your private class at no extra cost. Let’s move 🙌

Who's it for?

Anyone can do parkour.

Anyone can join Apex.

No prereqs––aside from owning an open mind + a body to move 💪 🙃 🧠

If you and/or your friends & family already love to bounce off walls (and sometimes furniture), come here and you’ll fit right in. We’ll teach you: 1) how to train safely and 2) how to progress quickly

Our parkour, tricking, and movement programs build better athletes and in general, stronger human beings.

We coach all ages and skill levels so feel free to bring the whole family!

How do I start?

👉 Book class online (takes < 60 sec)

All new students start with a 1-hr trial class. You’re welcome to bring friends/family and they can join in at no extra cost.

In this class, we will guide you through a sample of fundamental parkour skills, training principles, and mindsets such as embracing challenge, creative problem solving, and facing fear.

This is a great way to learn something new, get to know our veteran coaches, and meet our fun, eclectic community.

What better place than Apex? What better time than now?

Where is Apex?

We’re located in the Colorado Tech Center area (1.5 miles to downtown Louisville, 3 miles to Lafayette, 9 miles to Boulder)

Apex School of Movement, Louisville
1772 Prairie Way, Unit G
Louisville, CO 80027

🔥 Apex in action

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