Tashi Sanford

My Parkour story starts out as many others. I watched a video on YouTube called Russian climbing. After watching this I immediately went outside and tried to replicate what I saw. I was training without any direction almost every day going out there and trying out what I had watched.

My mom saw me coming in with bruises and cuts and decided to see if there was such a thing as a “Parkour gym.” Her search took her to Apex Movement Louisville. After my first visit I was immediately hooked and started to train every day I could. This continued throughout high school at New Vista, where every senior must complete a culminating project of 120 hours directed towards a self-directed learning activity. I decided to create my project around becoming a Parkour teacher. Throughout 2014-2015 I researched, practiced, studied and spent hundreds of hours completing my Coaching Certification.

Besides Boulder, Colorado, I have trained with many different people around the world including Seattle, Mexico, Germany and Czech Republic.