Dylan Baker

Dylan Baker was born into this world sunny side up and sizzling’. From a ripe young age, he dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player; spending many hours each day refining his skills. Then he found parkour and this young yoke was “flipped” on his head. If you are thinking “what a cheesy story”, then you are spot on because you can’t have an egg without cheese. Anyways, since giving up basketball and devoting all of his passion and energy to parkour, he claims to have “won the parkours” by placing in and winning numerous national competitions, performing for butt-loads of big companies, appearing in 3 TV shows, starring in the F-class movie Freerunner, and recently setting a Guinness World Record for “biggest truck parkour.” He is also sponsored by NestFresh. Coincidence?… I think not.

Dylan currently teaches the highest level class at Apex Movement, which is only available to coaches and the bravest men and women. He often wonders what his life would have been like had he become a professional basketball player instead of living paycheck to paycheck with broken wrists… He then cries himself to sleep. If you see this handsome lad around, give him a big high five, but don’t be surprised if he winces in pain when you crush his flimsy wrist.

Follow his parkours:
YouTube: www.youtube.com/prim8pk
Facebook: facebook.com/dylbeast
Instagram: instagram.com/dylanbakerpk
Twitter: twitter.com/dylosophy