Coach | Member of the APEX Movement Youth Team


Born and raised in Colorful Colorado, Casey has been athletic most of his life. Throughout elementary and middle school, he loved playing basketball as well as training in martial arts such as Kung Fu. Casey’s 5 year journey practicing Kung Fu eventually led him to discovering Parkour. Since then, he has been in love with Parkour and hasn’t stopped moving.

After a year of Parkour, Casey began training at APEX Movement Boulder. Up until that point he was a lone wolf, self taught, and enjoyed playing around and learning new movements with his friends. After the first year, he discovered a huge community of Parkour practitioners at APEX, immediately feeling like he was a part of the family. Ever since then, he has stuck with his newly acquired family and only gotten closer to all of his friends. In August of 2013, Casey earned 6th place at the APEX Movement Invitational, competing against some of the top athletes in the US! He then traveled with the APEX Movement Pro Team to perform at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, preforming in front of 18,000 people! In November 2013, Casey took home his first gold medal ranking first place at the 2013 Colorado Freerunning Championships! Aside from preforming with our Pro Team and being a key role on our Youth Team (AKA The Gremlins), Casey is also a part of the Parkour group Move to Inspire and continues to love life everyday.

Check out his Youtube Channel Here!