Aidan Multhauf



Aidan Malu Multhauf was born a Haole on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii. He’s been told it’s gorgeous but he’s actually never been back since moving to Colorado at the age of 2 months. Growing up in Boulder, Aidan has attended the finest schools. From Eisenhower Elementary to Boulder High and now CU Boulder, Aidan is set on a course to become the next Carl Sagan, studying both Astronomy and Geology. Okay, Bill Nye has sort of filled that position… But he will be the next next Carl Sagan! You may see Aidan if you go to a show at the planetarium on CU’s campus because he works there under the job title “Ambassador of Science.”

Starting parkour at the age of 14, Aidan has a goal to be sponsored by the worlds greatest band, in his eyes, Tool. He doesn’t make many videos but you can trust that he pours his heart into his movement and the movement of his peers. He started at Apex work trading as a janitor and after a few years, he got a chance to assist classes. In 2013 he became an APEX Movement certified instructor and he is also now the manager of the work trade janitorial staff.

Besides parkour Aidan also enjoys rock climbing, camping, writing about himself in the third person, snowboarding, biking, and working on his flexibility. In fact, he is working on creating a class that finds the median between parkour and rock climbing in hopes to improve the average traceurs/traceuses upper body strength and finding new ways to move through urban environments.