This class teaches you how to protect yourself by building on your normal instinctive reactions to danger. You will learn how to read aggressive body language, how to use body mechanics to your advantage, and how to escape a threat. Instead of memorizing dozens of techniques, we use games and simulations so you start working with a live person immediately.Just as Parkour is the art of overcoming obstacles in the environment, combatives is the art of overcoming human obstacles safely.

Prequisites: Must be 12 or older to take this class (inquire for details on a bullying-only and safe roughhousing class for younger kids).

Khaled Allen

About the Instructor:
Khaled Allen has been studying martial arts his whole life, and began focusing on practical, real world self-defense in high school when he studied American Kenpo (3rd Degree Brown Belt). He also studied Krav Maga intensely for a year in Korea, earning his Level 3 ranking in the IKKF school. He is also certified as an instructor of MovNat Combatives, a method that teaches an awareness of the human stress response and instinctual self-defense behaviors.