Birthday Parties

Louisville, CO Birthday Party venue

The best birthdays happen at APEX!

Bring your favorite foods, cake, and all your friends to play in the world-famous APEX Louisville. All birthday parties are hosted by a ParkourEDU Certified Coach to supervise, lead games, instruct mini-lessons, and assist with set up and cleaning. Parties of 15+ will have two ParkourEDU certified coaches to make sure everyone is safe and having fun.

Birthday parties consist of a brief introduction to some parkour skills for first time students, various birthday party games, parkour skill practice, and open gym (free time). You can also work with your coach on any special requests or specifics you have in mind. You will have access to our entire gym and lounge area. We have a table available for food and gifts as well. 


1 hour parties – $200 (party of up to 14 guests)

2 hour parties – $350 (party of up to 14 guests)

**$30/hour additional for parties of 15 or more (cost of adding an additional ParkourEDU certified coach).
For parties of 25 or more, please let us know when you contact us to book your party.

Saturday bookings:

1 hour

10 – 11am

3 – 4pm

2 hour

4 – 6 pm

6 – 8 pm

Sunday bookings:

1 hour

10:30 – 11:30am

7 – 8 pm

2 hour

5 – 7 pm

Booking deposit

A non-refundable deposit is required to book any slot. Deposits vary slightly based on party length and party size.


Parties must be cancelled at least 1 week before the booking date to receive a refund on any non-deposit payment. Booking deposits are non refundable. 

Waivers and getting the party started on time

All guests must have a completed waiver before they can play in the gym.
Parents or legal guardians must fill out waivers for any attendee under 18 years of age.
Sign in will be much faster and we can get started with the party on time if attendees fill out the waiver prior to arrival.
Please find a link to our waiver below and share the link with all expected guests.


Can we do cake and open gifts outside of our time slot?

Your 1 or 2 hour party rental is meant for all of your party activities including opening presents and eating cake. We may have other bookings immediately after yours and must clear the entire facility for that next group. For 1 hour bookings, we recommend doing presents and cake outside of our facility so you can maximize the APEX playtime.

Can you help us plan the birthday party games?

Yep! Our coaches can plan your entire birthday party for you so you can simply enjoy yourselves! If birthday party guests want parkour instruction or have any special requests, we’re happy to help them learn new techniques and cater to your requests! If you have special requests, please tell us in the ‘notes’ section of your booking. We also recommend arriving 10-15 min early to discuss special requests with your coach.

Why does it cost more to have 15 or more party guests?

To help maintain our standards for safety and fun, we assign an additional coach to all parties with 15 or more guests. The additional cost is to pay for that second coach to help supervise the fun and safety of each guest. Have more than 25 kiddos? Please contact us to arrange for a party of up to 60 guests!: