parkour gym

During open gym, you can work on anything you want, at your own pace. All equipment is available to use and it’s free range to have fun! Our open gyms are frequented by freerunners, CrossFitters, trickers, aerial dancers, gymnasts, bboys, capoeiristas, martial artists, cheerleaders, and more. Anyone can come to open gym! There are no prerequisites, we just ask that you do not exceed your personal limits.

View Open Gym Rules and Guidlelines Here


(Open Gym is free for our Gold and Silver monthly members and $5 for our Bronze monthly members!)
Drop-In for non-members: $15 (Pay online or bring cash to ensure a more speedy check-in process).


Adult/Teen Open Gyms are for ages 12 and up.
Youth Open Gyms are for ages 5-11.
Mixed Open Gyms are for ages 5 and up.

You will need to create an account in our system. if you haven’t already done so.