Welcome to Apex Louisville

Doors closing email announcement (May 6, 2020):

Apex Louisville family,
It’s been a grueling couple of months for us. We’re unfortunately one of the most impacted industries. Gyms were not able to open up shop at the end of April, as it seemed was the case in March. This couldn’t be worse timing for us as we rely heavily on summer camp sales this time of year.
We’ve dug up every possible resource and have applied to all government assistance available. We’ve seen amazing support from some community members who have put a lot of time into finding resources for us to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Sadly, the government has failed so many small businesses, including us. No government programs, loans, or grants have come through.
Unfortunately we’re no longer capable of paying bills. Our landlords have been patient but are unable to keep us in the space. We have no choice but to find a new way forward.
We know this may come as devastating news to some of you. We’ve sacrificed so much to get to this point ourselves, our losses are overwhelming. But we believe that the obstacles in our path define the path, what stands in the way becomes the way.
We’ve trained so many years for adaptability and so we invite you all to continue with us and continue your physical and mental training with parkour. We will move our classes online as a way forward for the interim while so many of us desperately need the positive benefits of movement and community. As stay at home orders are slowly lifted, we will formulate additional outdoor training options for small groups. We’ll stay adaptable and ride this thing through to the other side––coming out stronger than ever 🙂
Here’s how you and/or your family and friends can support us and continue training with our community:
— Current members —
To make this transition as smooth as possible, all you need to do is email parkoureducation@gmail.com letting us know you’re sticking with our parkour programs. We’ll then add you to the remote training membership that corresponds with your present membership at Apex Loui. Or if you want to bump your membership level up or down, we can adjust it. Then, we’ll do the rest and you’ll get updates on programs starting soon.
If you’re not interested in our remote programs, but you want to get involved when we start classes again, or you just believe in our mission and want to support us during these extremely difficult times, no need to take any action. You can just leave your monthly membership running as a way to show some love to Apex / ParkourEDU during this transition.
— Non members —
If you don’t have a present membership, just email parkoureducation@gmail.com letting us know which membership level below you’re interested in. It’s as simple as that.
If you’re also just interested in supporting us during this transition, go to our online platform ParkourEDU for ways to do so: https://parkouredu.org/support/ 
Thank you!
To those of you who kept your memberships going in trade for online courses.
To those who reached out and generously offered their time and resources.
To everyone impacted who has been patient and understanding.
This is not the end, only a transition into uncertain times. We will stay adaptable as it unfolds until we have stability on which we can rebuild.
Parkour is so important in these times! Especially now, we need community and exercise for physical and mental health. 
The obstacles in our path define the path.
What stands in the way becomes the way.
Much love to y’all <3 We’re excited to train with everyone who joins us for this next chapter and beyond.
–– Amos & Ryan